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About jEntityFx Framework

The ideal solution for JavaFX developers.

jEntityFx is a unique framework. It is the result of a long experience acquired from different business users. It was developed with the aim to meet the basic needs of a business application, such as rapid data entry and readability of information.

jEntityFx offers a wide range of graphical components, such as editable table, auto-completion of fields, form validation and much more…

The jEntityFx component library is adaptable to the customer needs and interfaces with different types of data sources.


jEntityFx components

jEntityFX offers an extensive component library.

Replace TextField

The ReplaceTextField can apply any regular expression on a text field. An IP address, an email address, an integer, a simple text ... This component will validate the data according to the desired expression.

Currency TextField

This component is dedicated to the formatting of currency. The user can enter only numeric characters that will be validated and formatted according to the configured currency.

Number TextField

This field is fully configurable to receive digital characters, positive or negative, with a pre-configured number of digits before and after the decimal point.

Columns Browser

This component is essential for filtering the columns of your tables, with the ability to apply any number of filters, whatever the type of data being presented.

Table markers

A visual component available with jEntityFx tables, allowing rapid access to data which has been marked (corresponding to a regular expression for example). This component can be coupled with the Browser Columns to quickly reach the desired data. By positioning the cursor on the coloured anchor in the scroll bar, the user can pre-visualise the corresponding line.

Editable Table

A fully editable JavaFx table that can accommodate any type of fields (TextField, ComboBox, CheckBox, ReplaceTextField, LovBox ...).

This component offers intuitive navigation between each cells, rows and pages (for a multipage table) with proven intelligence for the detection of changes in values, and options such as Undo / Redo, colour of changed lines and more...

jEntityFx Editable Table can work with any type of data source.



Editable TreeTableView

Editable TreeTableView offers the user the possibility to group lines (with display of the number of elements found in a group).

This component allows a full or partial management of a data tree with the ability to edit each record.

It is fully customisable (colours, fonts, icons ...) and integrates seamlessly into your JavaFx applications.


Auto-completion field, which can work with any type of data source. This component offers a targeted and customisable search. The result is represented with multiple columns which can be displayed or not depending on the user preferences.


Our Services


Maintenance and quality of service

The jEntityFX Framework is constantly improved and is maintained by our teams through the different JavaFX projects we have for our clients.

Adaptable license


Currently the licenses are available only in the projects we develop. In the near future we will offer different licensing packages adaptable to your application. We will propose different offers based on your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sampler available for demonstration  

 To help you test the quality and robustness of our product, we offer a sampler available upon request.

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